Baking oven for cooking

For cooking and especially baking enthusiasts we recommend sturdy baking ovens made of soapstone, with several different models available. You can bake, poach oven porridge and cook. A baking oven is a very energy-efficient alternative when considering a suitable fireplace.


Piiras 2600

Rieska 3100



The baking oven Piiras 2600 is a baking oven for six loaves with a firebox depth of 730mm. The width of the fire box from the front is 460mm and from the back 620mm. the wattage is 6kW and heating space c. 115 square meters. The base measurements are 950 x 950mm. Height is 1530mm.

Height 1530 mm.
Weight c. 2200 kg. 
Fire box 420/540 x 620 mm.
Heating wattage c. 5 kW.
Heating space c. 100 square meters

The baking oven Rieska 3100 is a baking oven for eight loaves, heating a space of up to 120-130 square meters. The measurements are 1050 x 1050 x 1530mm. The large mass keeps it warm for a long time, releasing warmth consistently.

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