A soapstone fireplace brings an old-fashioned atmosphere and soft warmth to your home. The fireplace can function as the only source of heat in your home, or alternatively as additional heating next to your electrical heating. You decide.


the warm heart of your home


Hiillos 2100

Bay window fireplace Hiillos 2100 is a large corner fireplace with a heating area of c. 100 square meters and wattage c. 5kW.

Valkia 1200

The fireplace Valkia has wattage of about 4kW/h and it can heat a living space of c. 80m².  Great for a living room or a leisure time apartment.

Juuni 1150

Raised Pirpana 1000

Raised small fireplace Pirpana 1000 is small by its size and it is excellent for small leisure time apartments and smaller apartments. It is 760 x 450 x 1530 mm in size and weighs c. 1000 kg. Heating wattage is c. 2.5 kW, enough to heat an apartment of c. 60 square meters.

Corner fireplace Juuni 1150 is small by its measurements but weighs over one thousand kilos and can heat an area of c. 70 square meters. This model can also be fitted with a chimney at the additional price of 10 %. Suitable for replacing an old drum oven to give heat and atmosphere.

Valkia 1200PP

Loimu 1900

The fireplace Valkia is a mid-sized, heat-storing fireplace oven with a chimney on top, suitable for a living room or a leisure time apartment. The heating space is c. 80 square meters and the wattage is c. 4kW. The measurements are 850 x 650 x 1550mm.

Bay window fireplace Loimu 1900 is a heater for a bigger room. Excellent for living rooms or larger summer cottages. The heating space is c. 80 square meters and wattage c. 4kW. The oven is 1050 mm wide and 750 mm deep. The height is 1550mm.

Hehku 1600

Loiste 1150

A corner fireplace with heating wattage of 4.5kW/h. Sufficient for heating an apartment space of c. 90m². The oven is 1550 mm tall. The model oven in the picture is matte light colour.

A bay window fireplace suitable for heating a c. 60 m² apartment. Wattage is c. 3.5kW/h, height 1550mm.

Pikku-Hehku 950

Pirpana 800

Heating wattage c. 3 kW/h and heating space c.60 m², height 1250mm.

Heating space c.50m², wattage c. 2.5 kW/h, height 1230 mm and weight 800kg.

Loiste 950

Bay window fireplace suitable for heating an apartment of c. 50 m². Wattage c. 3kW/h, height 1250mm.