Customized orders

If our comprehensive collection does not have a suitable model, we can customize one for your needs, be it a fireplace, baking oven, stove or an outdoor grill. If you are considering a customized product, please contact our factory directly with the form below.

Installation services

Installation services:

Customized orders are possible for the following items:



Outdoor grills

Baking ovens

Combination fireplaces


As a full-service company we naturally want to offer our clients comprehensive installation services in addition to selling fireplaces. Our oven masters do the installation on site, guaranteeing durability and functioning. After the installation, you will receive thorough usage instructions so that you can fully utilize your new fireplace or baking oven.


Customized order installations

Ready-made fireplace installations

Usage guidance

For oven masons

Stone slates and stone planks for oven masoning. The serpentine soapstone from Savonranta is well suited for very massive and heat-reserving fireplaces. It binds well with normal masoning plaster or fireproof plaster in fire boxes. The best natural material for constructing a fireplace.

As promotion: 300mm x 90mm x 60mm stone brick 6.40€/piece incl. VAT. 24%

As promotion: 260mm x 125mm x 60mm stone brick 7.20€/ piece incl. VAT. 24%

As promotion: 300mm x 30mm x 1000mm stone cover slate 86€/ piece incl. VAT. 24%

Aluminate cement 25kg for making fireproof material 22€/bag

Ask for other sizes or options as well!